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What was the worst loss in Pittsburgh Steelers history?

Every NFL team has had their disappointing losses, but what loss stands as the worst for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

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No one wants to re-live those horrible memories. The memories when the Pittsburgh Steelers failed to deliver the anticipated 'W' fans expect every time their favorite team steps on the gridiron. For the black and gold there certainly have been some disappointments, but which game ranks as the most disappointing?

Every fan most likely has their own personal game which still irks them to this day, but when USA Today's website "For the Win" ranked the worst loss for every NFL team, one stood out for the Steelers. The game? The Super Bowl XXX loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Their description of the game says it all:

Steelers: Super Bowl XXX v. Cowboys

Neil O'Donnell turned in the greatest Super Bowl performance in Cowboys history. Too bad he played for the Steelers.

I, like most fans who were old enough to witness the game, will never forget the moments which led to the Steelers demise. But if you are a glutton for punishment, you can re-live Neil O'Donnell's ineptitude by watching this clip from the game.

Don't get me wrong, this loss still lingers with me. It was the first Super Bowl I was alive to witness, and to see the Steelers storm back into the game only to have the game thrown away -- literally -- was disheartening. However, was it really the worst loss in franchise history?

There are other games which could come close. Speaking of games occurring in recent times, there are certainly losses which stand out. Here are a few off the top of my head which would certainly rank near the top of the worst loss list.

2004 AFC Championship loss to the New England Patriots

2001 AFC Championship loss to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots

2010 Super Bowl 45 loss to the Green Bay Packers

2011 Wild Card loss to Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos

2002 Divisional loss to the Tennessee Titans

2015 Divisional loss to the Denver Broncos

I could go on and on, but USA Today clearly believes the Super Bowl loss to the self-proclaimed "America's Team" trumps all the others.

What say you? Which loss sticks out like a sore thumb in your mind as the absolute worst? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.