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Pittsburgh Steelers to wear 'Color Rush' uniforms on Christmas Day vs. the Ravens

Despite most people believing the Steelers would wear their Nike 'Color Rush' uniforms on Thanksgiving day vs. the Indianapolis Colts, Art Rooney II said it would be on Christmas day the team wears their new uniforms.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

For months, websites and fans have been trying to predict the Pittsburgh Steelers Nike 'Color Rush' uniforms. Will they be all white, all black or even all gold? There have been reported "leaks" suggesting a number of colors, but one thing which wasn't debated was when the jerseys would be worn.

As the NFL announced all 32 teams will be wearing the uniforms on Thursday Night Football, it made sense to look at the only Thursday night game the team had in 2016. The Thanksgiving night game on the road against Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts.

However, as only the Steelers can do, the team threw fans a curveball when Art Rooney II went on the air and said the team won't be wearing the 'Color Rush' uniforms on Thanksgiving, but on Christmas night when the team hosts the Baltimore Ravens at Heinz Field.

"We will be wearing what is referred to as our ‘color rush' uniform for the first time," Rooney told "I know in a few weeks we are going to be able to unveil exactly what that looks like. We haven't had a home game on Christmas in my memory. It will be unique, special. This will add a little more excitement to what I am sure will be an exciting day."

Rooney wouldn't divulge what color the team's uniforms will be, suggesting they will be revealed in a couple weeks, but fans who might be attending the game on Christmas night should be in for a treat, and it seems as if the team will be wearing their traditional road uniforms on Thanksgiving night.

While we are on the subject, if you had a choice of what color the team would focus on for their 'Color Rush' uniforms, what would it be? Vote in the poll below!