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Steelers OLB James Harrison says on social media he had a "random" PED drug test Tuesday at training camp

James Harrison is in the middle of a battle with the NFL, and he doesn't seem as if he is going to be pulling any punches with his latest video regarding a "random" drug test while at training camp.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Monday evening news broke regarding the NFL threatening to suspend Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison, along with Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers of the Green Bay Packers, if they didn't interview with the league prior to an August 25th deadline.

The NFL threw out the gauntlet, and fans now wait to see what Harrison, and/or the NFLPA, will do in regards to their response. As for Harrison, he isn't going to sit around and wait to see what happens. He posted a video on his official Facebook page stating he had been given a "random" drug test Tuesday morning while at training camp.

In the brief video, Harrison, along with teammate Ramon Foster, certainly put an emphasis on the word "random" when it comes to talking about the drug test just administered to Harrison at St. Vincent College.

It is hard not to think the league doesn't have an axe to grind with Harrison, not just in regards to them wanting to interview Harrison in regards to the debunked Al Jazeera report, but also with his past, and very public, displeasure with the league office and Roger Goodell.

Harrison won't likely stay quiet for long, and as stated before, this seems to be far from over. Nonetheless, the deadline to meet with the league inches closer.