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Le'Veon Bell's settlement has the Steelers RB staying on current stage of Substance Abuse program

A caveat of Le'Veon Bell's suspension is that he will not be advanced in the NFL's Substance Abuse Program, which will have huge ramifications if another incident occurs.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

When news broke of Le'Veon Bell's suspension being reduced from 4 games to 3, most fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers were happy they would have their star running back on the field for the Kansas City Chiefs game in Week 4.

However, as news continues to unfold, Mike Garafolo of and NFL Network posted this interesting caveat to the Bell settlement.

This is very significant news for Bell as he is entering the final year of his rookie contract, and whichever NFL team decides to pay him big money next season, knowing another slip up won't cost him 10 games is significant.

Whether the team to pay him big money is the Pittsburgh Steelers or not has yet to be seen, but Bell will hopefully have 13 games to prove his worth to the team, and have him wearing black and gold for years to come.