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Steelers TE Ladarius Green breaks silence on headaches, ankle and potential retirement

Fans haven't heard much from Ladarius Green, but he has been a topic of conversation across the black and gold landscape. The free agent acquisition broke his silence Saturday after practice.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout the preseason, there have been a myriad of topics surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers. Le'Veon Bell's suspension, James Harrison being threatened by the NFL over an interview, the football team actually playing football, but nothing dominated airwaves quite like the mystery surrounding Ladarius Green.

For those who don't know the background story, let me quickly catch you up to speed.

Green, who was acquired via free agency from the San Diego Chargers, suffered an ankle injury in 2015 which required offseason surgery. The Steelers admitted they knew he likely wouldn't be ready for the first day of training camp, but hoped he would return sometime during the preseason.

The Steelers have played two preseason games now, and Green doesn't look any closer to coming off the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list than he did when the team reported to Saint Vincent College for training camp back in July.

One would think the ankle injury is all that would be talked about, in regards to him getting back on the field, but just over a week ago reports circulated that Green was actually experiencing exercise induced headaches, possibly stemming from previous concussions, and they were serious enough to have the young man contemplating retirement.

The shroud of mystery hung over him like a cloud, until Saturday when he fielded questions for the media for the first time since the team broke training camp last week.

When asked if he had heard of the reports stating headaches are keeping him off the gridiron, he told Dale Lolley of the Observer-Reporter he isn't quite sure where that rumor started.

"I heard about it. But I didn't look at it," Green said. "It's basically news to me."

What about him possibly retiring?

"I'm wondering who said this. I'm only 26, so I'm not thinking of retiring anytime soon," Green said.

A man of few words, but there were more questions which needed to be answered, all stemming from the likelihood of him seeing the field in 2016. How exactly is the ankle doing?

"I've been doing a lot more," Green admitted. "I've been on the field every day trying to run, building myself up.

"It's still weak but it's getting a lot better."

So, is Green confident he will return to the field in 2016?

"Why wouldn't I be confident about that?," he asked. "I'm still out there training for it, rehabbing for it every day.

"The ankle's still not 100 percent yet. I'm pushing for it. It's getting better."

Better. Now that is a word Steelers fans have been waiting to hear about Green's status. Improvement is improvement, regardless of how small. The Steelers organization, and fans everywhere, are excited to see Green take the field and make an already dynamic offense even more lethal this season.