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Thanks BTSC, from a truly grateful contributor

Christopher Carter is moving on from BTSC, but not without leaving love for this great sports talk community.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This article will be my last as a contributor for BTSC, as I have been given the opportunity to write and analyze film at for this upcoming season. The opportunity gives me a chance to expand my work and learn more about the business and has nothing to do with the management here at BTSC, as I have always been happy with the work I've done here and the treatment I have received.

While I am excited for the new opportunities and challenges ahead, it is definitely bittersweet to be leaving the great Steelers talk community that is BTSC. I was originally picked up while I was working unpaid internships in law school just looking to find another hobby that could lead to a few extra dollars on the side away from my legal career. Over the years that developed into having regular columns for the website and getting to know several readers and writers by their clever BTSC names.

This online space is a great place to learn about football and keep up with fellow Pittsburgh fans about our favorite team. The wealth of knowledge and experience that you can pickup from the people that frequent this site is deeper than anyone may ever actually know, and I am honored to have been able to write, grow and learn from the people I've met through this space.

For those worried about film room production, you are in good hands with Nathaniel Bodnar and some new incoming contributors that will let you know who they are soon enough. I've worked to teach them my process so that the film room can be a team element for developing content here in anticipation for an exciting season with BTSC. The development of me leaving happened suddenly, so it is fortunate we have people willing to step up and learn the process.

You may see me on social media or even in the comments some times as I will definitely be in touch with the friends I have made throughout my time here, so never be afraid to reach out for a chat.

Long live BTSC, and Go Steelers!