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Tony Dungy and Kevin Greene's Pro Football Hall of Fame inductions add to an illustrious list of Steelers enshrinees

Former OLB for the Pittsburgh Steelers Kevin Greene was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Saturday, adding his name to the long and illustrious black and gold list.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

When Kevin Greene played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, he created more than just a name for himself. He developed an almost Hulk Hogan type of aura with his long blonde hair, and his ability to sack the quarterback. He was a large part of the team who made it to Super Bowl XXX to face the Dallas Cowboys, and although he played for the Rams, Steelers, 49ers and Panthers, it shouldn't come as a surprise he went into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a member of the black and gold.

On the complete other side of the spectrum is Tony Dungy. A former player, and coach, for the Steelers, was as quiet as they come, but proved you don't have to be loud and boisterous to be successful. His success as a coach was always linked back to Chuck Noll, who gave him his first coaching job as an assistant in 1981.

It is great for Steelers fans to be able to boast of the ridiculous amount of members of this prestigious fantasy team who sport the hypocycloids next to their bust.

Speaking of busts, how awesome did Kevin Greene's look when it was unveiled Saturday night at the enshrinement ceremony?

So, with Greene and Dungy as the latest editions, it is time to update the list of Steelers players and owners who are forever enshrined in Canton, OH.

Take a look at the list below, and most will still get frustrated without Donnie Shell and L.C. Greenwood on the list.

Arthur J. Rooney Founder, President, and Chairman of the Board (1933-1988). Elected in 1964.
Daniel M. Rooney President (1955-present). Elected in 2000.
Bert Bell Co-owner (1941-1946). Elected in 1963.
Johnny 'Blood' McNally Player (1934, 1937-1939), Coach (1937-39). Elected in 1963
Bill Dudley Player (1942, 1945-1946). Elected in 1966.
Walt Kiesling Player (1937-1939), Coach (1939-1944, 1949-1961). Elected in 1966.
Bobby Layne Player (1958-1962). Elected in 1967.
Ernie Stautner Player (1950-1963). Elected in 1969.
Joe Greene Player (1969-1981) Coach (1987-1991). Elected in 1987.
John Henry Johnson Player (1960-1965). Elected in 1987.
Jack Ham Player (1971-1982). Elected in 1988.
Mel Blount Player (1970-1983). Elected in 1989.
Terry Bradshaw Player (1970-1983). Elected in 1989.
Franco Harris Player (1972-1983). Elected in 1990.
Jack Lambert Player (1974-1984). Elected in 1990.
Chuck Noll Coach (1969-1991). Elected in 1993.
Mike Webster Player (1974-1988). Elected in 1997.
Lynn Swann Player (1974-1982). Elected in 2001.
John Stallworth Player (1974-1987). Elected in 2002.
Rod Woodson Player (1987-1996). Elected in 2009.
Jack Butler Player (1951-59). Elected in 2012.
Dermontti Dawson Player ( 1988-2000). Elected in 2012.
Jerome Bettis Player (1993-95 (Rams) 1996-2005 Steelers) Elected in 2015
Tony Dungy Player (1977-1978 (Steelers) 1979 (49ers) 1980 (Giants) Coach 1981 Elected in 2016
Kevin Greene Player 1985-1992 (Rams) 1993-1995 (Steelers) 1996, 1998-1999 (Panthers) 1997 (49ers) Elected in 2016