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NFL Week 1 late games: Updates, injuries and open thread

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The Pittsburgh Steelers don't play until Monday night, but it doesn't mean we all won't be watching other games as they unfold on Sunday. Do so with other Steelers fans in our NFL Sunday open thread!

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The worst part about the Pittsburgh Steelers playing on prime time is having to wait for the game. When you play on Monday Night Football, you have to suffer through an entire day of games before watching the best team on the planet take the field.

With that said, we can't fool ourselves and think that we won't be glued to the TV following other teams, and how their results could possibly impact the Steelers. Enter the open thread.

This open thread is for fans to enjoy the game and conversation, and we remind you to remain respectful before hitting the post button.

Enjoy the is back!