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History shows the Steelers 2-0 start puts them in the driver's seat for a playoff berth

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 2-0 for just the 4th time in Mike Tomlin's tenure with the team, and the fast start has some significance behind it.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Some might just view it as a good start to the season, but the Pittsburgh Steelers being 2-0 is much more than just a good start, it is a rarity. In fact, since Mike Tomlin took over in 2007, the team has started 2-0 just four times.

2007 *
2008 * +
2010 * +
2016 ??

*  - made the playoffs
+ - advanced to the Super Bowl

In fact, check out this awesome statistic by the Steelers PR Department.

Usually, this is where fans might be saying out loud, "Okay Jeff, let's calm down a's just two weeks."

I get that, but history, trends and the numbers don't lie. What might be the most surprising aspect of this scenario would be the fact the Steelers have historically gotten off to average, to below average, starts under Tomlin.

The franchise history stating the 2-0 start has the team on the right track is crystal clear, but since 1990, the trends continue to be evident across the entire league.

This tidbit of information paints the perfect picture, from ESPN Stats and Info.

Does the Steelers unblemished start guarantee them a playoff spot? No.

Does their 2-0 start mean they will be in Super Bowl 51 this year? No.

What their fast start does say is the team is off and running straight out of the gate, something they haven't been able to do the past few years. Could the Steelers be positioning themselves for not just a playoff berth, but home field advantage throughout the playoffs?

Time will tell, but what I've learned throughout my years is simple -- numbers don't lie.