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The 2016 BTSC regular season content schedule

The Pittsburgh Steelers regular season is underway, and BTSC doesn't want you to miss any of our content. Be sure to check out the weekly schedule.

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The wait is over, and the 2016 NFL regular season is upon us. With the Pittsburgh Steelers preparing for Week 1, we here at BTSC are preparing ourselves for the onslaught of content headed your way on a weekly basis. Things get busy...we get it, but at the same time we don't want you to miss a thing. Below is the content schedule for the upcoming season. Everything from podcasts, Facebook Live videos and features all here at your fingertips.

So, set your calendar reminders and "get yo popcorn ready!"

(Editor's Note: This schedule can fluctuate with the day of the week the Steelers play on any given week. If there is a change in the schedule, an announcement will be posted.)


Day after the Steelers Game: The Steelers Hangover
Hosted by: Jeff Hartman and Bryan Anthony Davis
Description: Taking the place of the "Steelers Final Score" post-game show, this show will be nothing but discussion and debate surrounding the Steelers most recent contest.

Tuesday: Steelers Fact or Fiction
Hosted by: Bryan Anthony Davis and Zach Parnes
Description: Debating 6 burning topics surrounding the black and gold, and labeling them either Fact or Fiction.

Wednesday: The Standard is the Standard
Hosted by: Jeff Hartman and Lance Williams
Description: The BTSC flagship show continues to recap the previous week's game and give an early look at the next opponent.

Thursday or Friday: Black and Gold NFL Recap
Hosted by: Matt, Fred and Bob
Description: Recap what has happened in the NFL in the week that was, and how it could impact the Pittsburgh Steelers hopes at another Super Bowl title.

Friday or Saturday: Steel City Underground Preview
Hosted By: Joe Kuzma
Description: Go inside the Steelers upcoming matchup with the owner and leader of Steel City Underground Joe Kuzma.


Monday: Commentary and Statistical Analysis
- Stock Report

Tuesday: Film Room Breakdowns of the previous game
- Power Rankings

Wednesday: Film Room breakdowns of previous game 
- Early gambling spread on the upcoming game

Thursday: Predictions for the upcoming week
- How to watch the upcoming game, distribution map
- Film Room preview of upcoming opponent

Friday: Q&A with the opponent SB Nation website

Saturday: Know your enemy

Sunday/Game Day: Matchups to watch
- Fantasy Start/Sit
- Inactive List
- Game Recap
- Winners and Losers
- Injury Report

This is just a skeleton schedule of the features we will have offered throughout the week. There will be commentary, as well as features, throughout the week, but some weeks will have more than others. This schedule is just to give fans who enjoy BTSC an idea of what to expect on a daily basis on the website.

We hope you check back every day for the most up-to-date Steelers news and the best community of fans on the internet.