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Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers Week 1 NFL Kickoff updates and open thread

Join in the celebration of the start of a new NFL season with the best fans in the league in our open thread!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It is finally here.

A new NFL season is set to kickoff tonight as the league has given fans everywhere a rematch of last year's Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos hosting the Carolina Panthers in the official kickoff game.

There is a lot of excitement not just surrounding this game, but ultimately the fact a new season is here. Enjoy the game with fellow fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers as we all get to watch to see if the Broncos will struggle without Peyton Manning, and if Cam Newton hit his ceiling in 2015.

Football is back!

Enjoy the game fans, and as always, keep things respectful and clean in the open thread!

Here We Go Steelers!