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Bill Cowher chimes in on Terry Bradshaw comments on Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin

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If you thought the Bradshaw “cheerleader” comments were going to go away, well they wouldn’t until Bill Cowher was asked about it first.

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When you are an on-air talent, former NFL head coach and football “expert” you are going to be asked about burning topics surrounding the NFL. However, when you are the former head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the man who came after you as the head coach of the black and gold is called a “cheerleader” by Terry Bradshaw, you could bet your house you are going to be asked about the situation.

This is exactly what happened when Bill Cowher was asked on CBS, prior to the 1 p.m. EDT games, what he thought of Bradshaw’s comments. His responses speak for themselves.

“Mike Tomlin relates and motivates his players. They respond to him. There are so many different ways of coaching in today's world. One thing I'll say, he's got a great pulse for his football team, and the consistency with which he has coached year-in and year-out, his record speaks for itself.”

When Cowher was asked if being a cheerleader isn’t necessarily always a bad thing, he agreed there is sometimes a time and place for it.

“Absolutely. He's a motivational coach. He knows when to push the right buttons.”

Cowher’s analysis is a refreshing look at the situation which cast a cloud over the Steelers’ leading up to the Week 16 game against the Baltimore Ravens, and doesn’t look as if it is going away anytime soon.

Every NFL head coach does something well. For some, they are X’s and O’s coaches who aren’t very good at other aspects of being a head coach, while others who might lean more on their assistant coaches and can motivate their teams before, during and after games to get the most out of their players.

Tomlin might be more of the latter type of coach, and that isn’t to suggest he doesn’t know the X’s and O’s of football, but there is a reason the “next man up” philosophy has been the golden standard in the Steel City in his time with the organization.

Cowher didn’t come out and discredit Bradshaw, but did support Tomlin, all while talking about just how good Tomlin is as a versatile head coach in the ever-changing modern NFL.