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Steelers re-sign fullback Roosevelt Nix to one-year contract

The Pittsburgh Steelers have re-signed their fullback to help pave the way for the team’s running game in 2017.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers found a new offensive philosophy in 2016 when the team started their 9-game winning streak. The philosophy was simple — ground and pound.

More specifically, the team started deploying fullback Roosevelt Nix and offensive tackle Chris Hubbard with regularity in part of a "jumbo" package to help pave the way for Le’Veon Bell.

The team found great success with this philosophy, and their ball controlled offensive attack equated to an offense the Steelers haven’t seen since Jerome Bettis was in the backfield for the black and gold.

With Nix being an Exclusive Rights Free Agent (ERFA) in 2017, the Steelers have re-signed their fullback to a one-year contract, per Jacob Klinger of

Nix’s agent, Bill Parise, told the fullback signed a one-year, $615,000 contract — the minimum for a player with his two years of experience.

For those wondering what equates to an ERFA, here is the definition:

A player whose contract has expired and has three or fewer tenured years in the league. His original team must make a contract offer by the league imposed deadline or the player becomes an unrestricted free agent. No compensation is awarded for losing EFAs.

Nix, the former defensive tackle in college, was a long-shot to make the team in 2015, but his impressive special teams play and hard hitting has made him not only a fan favorite, but a favorite of head coach Mike Tomlin too.

The decision to re-sign Nix is a good one, and one which will help solidify the team’s running game, and special teams play, for the 2017 season.