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2017 NFL Playoff Schedule: Complete break down of the times and places for upcoming postseason play

The NFL Playoffs are here! Time for some teams to prepare for the draft, while those lucky 12 are preparing for at least one more game.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

There are only 12 teams preparing to play at least one more game. The other 20 teams are making travel plans to go back home, take a vacation or prepare for the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft. But for those lucky 12, they still have the hopes and aspirations of hoisting a Lombardi trophy.

Now, for the lucky 4 who received first round byes, Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons in the NFC and the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC, they get to sit back and watch the Wild Card games before they have to focus on any one particular opponent.

So, to make sure you are totally prepared for the upcoming weekends of football action, below is the complete schedule for not just the Wild Card and Divisional rounds of both the AFC and NFC Playoffs, but the information all the way up to Super Bowl 51.

Set your calendars accordingly.

NFL Wild Card round

Saturday, Jan. 7

Raiders at Texans: 4:35 pm ET | ESPN/ABC

Lions at Seahawks: 8:15 pm ET | NBC

Sunday, Jan. 8

Dolphins at Steelers: 1:05 pm ET | CBS

Giants at Packers: 4:40 pm ET | FOX

NFL Divisional Round

Saturday, Jan. 14

Seahawks or Packers or Giants at Falcons: 435 pm ET | FOX

Texans or Raiders or Dolphins at Patriots: 815 pm ET | CBS

Sunday, Jan. 15

Steelers or Texans or Raiders at Chiefs: 1:05 pm ET | NBC

Packers or Giants or Lions at Cowboys: 4:40 pm ET | FOX

AFC / NFC Championship games

Sunday, Jan. 22

NFC: 3:05 pm ET | FOX

AFC: 6:40 pm et | CBS

Super Bowl

Sunday, Feb. 5

6:30 pm ET | FOX