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Ryan Tannehill unlikely to start vs. the Steelers, but Adam Gase is leaving the door open

Miami Herald’s beat reporter Adam Beasley tweeted today that team sources are doubtful about Tannehill’s readiness.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Miami Dolphins

According to a tweet by the Miami Herald’s beat reporter covering the Dolphins, team sources are saying Ryan Tannehill won’t start on Sunday at Heinz Field in the AFC Wild Card Game “unless something changes drastically.”

Beat reporter Adam Beasley’s tweet tends to confirm what many have suspected —that three weeks was too short a period to rehabilitate an injury of the nature Tannehill suffered in the Dolphins’ Week 14 matchup with the Arizona Cardinals.

Tannehill has multiple sprained ligaments in his knee, and although he was at practice today, Wednesday, he did not practice.

Despite the report from Beasley, when Miami head coach Adam Gase spoke with Pittsburgh media Wednesday, he stated he isn’t going to close the door on Tannehill returning just yet. In fact, he went as far as saying Tannehill could still play, even if he only participates in just one day of practice, but it all hinges on his ability to move. Gase spoke of his “escapability” being such a key role in his game, if he can’t move like he normally would, he won’t play.

Until the final decision is made on Tannehill, the Dolphins will be moving forward with Matt Moore. Consider Gase’s comments also as some gamesmanship between the Dolphins and the Steelers. Now, the Steelers have to prepare not just for Moore, but the possibility Tannehill could return to the field.

Stay tuned to BTSC for all the latest news and updates on the Steelers as they head into the AFC Wild Card game Sunday at Heinz Field.