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Steelers prospect list and open thread for the 2017 National Championship Game

Eyes will be glued on the NCAA National Championship game between Clemson and Alabama. We give you an open thread and some players to watch who could be of some use for the Steelers in the upcoming draft.

The nation will be sitting and watching the NCAA National Championship game between the Clemson Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide Monday night, and why not join in the fun, but we have something for the Pittsburgh Steelers fans who are wondering who to watch during the game.

I reached out to our College Football guru, Fear94, and asked him to provide a ‘Watch List’ for players who might be on the Steelers’ radar when the 2017 NFL Draft rolls around. Check out the list:

OJ Howard, TE, Alabama: They don't use him often in the passing game and normally have him blocking a lot. Although the last time these two teams played, Howard wound being the deciding factor, definitely need to keep an eye on him, as complete TEs like him are a rare breed, especially one as athletic as he is.

Jordan Leggett, TE, Clemson: Very big target for Watson, has soft hands and is generally seen catching more passes than blocking.

Tim Williams, EDGE defender, Alabama: Williams is by far the most polished EDGE rusher in this draft when it comes to pass rushing, as he has an array of counter moves that he uses often. Don't overlook his ability to bend the edge and what an underrated run defender he is. Character concerns will be discussed with him in the offseason, for now, go watch an absolute treat off the edge.

Ryan Anderson, EDGE defender, Alabama: He's not as nearly as polished as his running mate and doesn't possess the same kind of bend Williams has, but don't overlook him. He's generally very good with his hands, who really resembles more of a power rusher than his teammate.

Cordrea Tankersley, CB, Clemson: Really built CB, very aggressive ball skills and tackling that can sometimes bite him in the rear end. Clemson often deploys him on an island but it'll be interesting to see if they neglect doing that in this game. He's definitely a physical, press CB at the next level, the question is whether he's more than that. Definitely watch him.

Marlon Humphrey, CB/S, Alabama: He's not exactly the fastest or the most fluid CB, but he really gets the job done for Alabama. It will be interesting to see how he does against either Mike Williams, or even Deon Cain in this game. I project him better as a safety but it'll be interesting to see how he does against his biggest test of the season.

There you have it! Debate this list, enjoy the game with fellow Steelers fans in the open thread below!