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Ike Taylor explains Mike Hilton’s success and the importance of ‘backs on backers’ in training camp

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The Pittsburgh Steelers defense is much improved from 2016, and a former member of the organization explains a few reasons why.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

There are some Steelers fans who are asking the question, “How is it the team’s defense is so much better than last season?”

Such a simple question, with a not-so-easy answer. However, this is when sometimes it is easier to hand the mic to someone who actually played in the NFL, and this is where Ike Taylor comes in.

Yes, Taylor, the former cornerback for the Steelers turned analyst for the NFL Network, talks at length about the changes in the Steelers defense with Dave Dameshek. In the video below, you can watch Taylor talk about the emergence of Mike Hilton, as well as why Mike Tomlin does the ‘backs on backers’ drill in training camp so much.

Fans shouldn’t forget Taylor, although no longer playing, is still a part of the Steelers organization. He served as a scouting intern for the team during training camp this season. So, if there is someone who would would be Ike.

Check the video below: