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Ravens vs. Dolphins: Thursday Night Football Open Thread

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The AFC North is helping kick off Week 8 in the NFL when the Ravens host the Dolphins at M&T Bank Stadium.

Baltimore Ravens v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

While the Pittsburgh Steelers prepare to play the Detroit Lions in Week 8, their AFC North rivals, the Ravens, will be kicking off the week in regular season action by hosting the Dolphins at M&T Bank Stadium on Thursday Night Football.

This game has significance with the Steelers. Another Ravens loss will put more distance between Pittsburgh and the rest of the division, while a loss to the Dolphins will put distance between the Steelers, currently first in the AFC, and Miami, who continues to linger around .500.

With that said, a lot of fans will be watching the game tonight, so why not watch together and enjoy some Ravens bashing in the open thread!

Try to keep it respectful, and always remember we are all rooting for the same team!