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Steelers scouts busy at Penn State vs. Ohio State and WVU vs. Oklahoma State

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The Pittsburgh Steelers college scouting department is busy this weekend at several prime time college football games.

Ohio State v Penn State Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

While the NFL regular season hasn’t reached its midpoint yet, the college football season is in full tilt. This means NFL scouting departments are out in full force trying to analyze, watch and learn as much as they can about potential draft picks in the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft.

Yes, it may sound silly to talk about the draft in October, but the players playing on Saturdays right now could be wearing black-and-gold on Sunday next season.

Per Chase Goodbread of the NFL Network, the Steelers scouting department will be busy this weekend at a pair of games which will have plenty of fire power on display.

The Steelers will be represented at the Penn State vs. Ohio State game:

As well as the Oklahoma State vs. WVU game:

Quarterback will be a position of need for the Steelers, but tight end certainly will be a need for Pittsburgh in the upcoming draft.

It should be noted the Steelers’ scouting department is most likely at almost every marquee matchup, and others, on a weekly basis. It is their job to watch as many games a possible, but it is also noteworthy when the teams are at the big games of the week watching potential prospects.

Stay tuned to BTSC for the latest on the Steelers as they head into their Week 8 game vs. the Lions.