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Steelers take the extended break to participate in the annual ‘Rookie Dinner’

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A yearly tradition for the Steelers is going out to dinner and making the rookies pay for it. Hence, the ‘Rookie Dinner’.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

There comes a point in the NFL when you have to pay the piper, one way or another. Whether it be in your rookie training camp, having to carry pads, stand up and sing songs before the team or perhaps fronting the occasional dinner bill.

Steelers fans who have social media know all too well the “credit card roulette” game which has been famous on road trips, but they might not be versed in the annual ‘Rookie Dinner’.

This is a simple premise.

The players all get dressed up, head out to a fancy restaurant, eat like kings...and make the rookies pay for it. James Harrison documented this event with the defense (primarily the linebackers) on his official Instagram page, sporting his two Super Bowl rings for the evening.

Rookie dinner

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This event goes beyond the players and included both the inside and outside linebackers coaches, Jerry Olsavsky and Joey Porter.

There are also times when players will show how much they owe for this meal, and let’s just say it’s quite the king’s ransom to feed NFL linebackers an exquisite meal.

Time to pay the piper...