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AFC North Standings: With 6 games remaining, Steelers have stranglehold on the division

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It was a rare successful week across the AFC North, but the Pittsburgh Steelers remain the team to beat.

Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

After Week 11, the AFC North had a rare 3-1 record on the day. The Steelers beat the Titans on Thursday night, the Ravens shut out the Packers in Green Bay and the Bengals bested the Broncos at home. The Browns weren’t able to beat the Jaguars, but it did keep their losing season in tact.

Despite the success of the division this past week, the Steelers continue to have a stranglehold on the division. With an 8-2 record, the team has a three-game lead over the Ravens, and a four game lead over the Bengals, but you can tack on another half-game with their head-to-head over both teams in the first half of the season. With all three teams still an opponent on the rest of Pittsburgh’s schedule, this head-to-head victory could evaporate, but the distance they have built should be able to withstand any late push by the rest of the division.

Time to take a look at the AFC North Standings heading into Week 12, along with all four teams remaining schedules.

Will the Steelers be able to sweep the AFC North? Will the Ravens make the playoffs as a Wild Card team? Will the Bengals fire Marvin Lewis before the end of the season? Will the Browns ever win a game?

All these questions will get due time.

AFC North Standings

1. Pittsburgh Steelers - 8-2 (Remaining Games: vs. Packers (5-5), at Bengals (4-6), vs. Ravens (5-5), vs. Patriots (8-2), at Texans (4-6), vs. Browns (0-10))
2. Baltimore Ravens - 5-5 (Remaining Games: vs. Texans (4-6), vs. Lions (6-4), at Steelers (8-2), at Browns (0-10), vs. Colts (3-7), vs. Bengals (4-6))
3. Cincinnati Bengals - 4-6 (Remaining Games: vs. Browns (0-10), vs. Steelers (8-2), vs. Bears (3-7), at Vikings (8-2), vs. Lions (6-4), at Ravens (5-5))
4. Cleveland Browns - 0-10 (Remaining Games: at Bengals (4-6), at Chargers (4-6), vs. Packers (5-5), vs. Ravens (5-5), at Bears (3-7), at Steelers (8-2))