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NFL Power Rankings Week 10: Steelers continue their rise up the rankings without even playing

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The Pittsburgh Steelers keeping on truckin’ up the Power Rankings.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers were off in Week 9, but it didn’t stop them from climbing the weekly Power Rankings. Just as they did in the AFC North, and the AFC, the Steelers improved their position in both scenarios, as well as the Power Rankings, all while sitting back and relaxing.

We all realize Power Rankings are meaningless, but it does create some great discussion and debate when it comes to the top ranked teams in the league. For instance, ESPN’s infatuation with the Patriots continues, and are the Rams for real? All great questions to be answered in the near future, but we debate them in the meantime.

Take a look at some of the Power Rankings below, and let the debate begin in the comment section below.


1. Philadelphia Eagles
2. New England Patriots
3. Pittsburgh Steelers
“The Steelers looked like they could slide down the rankings, but since hopping back on the Le'Veon Bell train, they're back on track. Bell has rushed 92 times for 389 yards in Pittsburgh's three-game winning streak.”
4. Minnesota Vikings
5. Kansas City Chiefs
6. Seattle Seahawks
7. Los Angeles Rams
8. Dallas Cowboys
9. New Orleans Saints
10. Dallas Cowboys

1. Philadelphia Eagles
2. Los Angeles Rams
3. Pittsburgh Steelers
“The Steelers were off in Week 9, which means maybe Ben Roethlisberger had extra time to figure out why he's been, well, off most of the season. The offensive coaching staff can figure out why JuJu Smith-Schuster has been off the field as much as he has; that guy, who is putting up 17.7 yards per catch but has played just 65.2 percent of Pittsburgh's offensive snaps, needs to be out there getting even more targets. When are the wheels gonna fall off Le'Veon Bell? The guy is averaging more than 28 touches per game. In this era, that's like doing Chuck Norris' Total Gym 85 nights in a row.
4. New England Patriots
5. New Orleans Saints
6. Minnesota Vikings
7. Jacksonville Jaguars
8. Dallas Cowboys
9. Kansas City Chiefs
10. Seattle Seahawks

USA Today

1. Philadelphia Eagles
2. Pittsburgh Steelers
“They have a bad habit of playing to the level of their competition. But barring injuries, the Steelers should be no worse than 6-2 in the second half of the season.”
3. New England Patriots
4. Los Angeles Rams
5. New Orleans Saints
6. Carolina Panthers
7. Dallas Cowboys
8. Kansas City Chiefs
9. Jacksonville Jaguars
10. Washington Redskins