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Steelers should place a call about Martellus Bennett but need more information before making a move

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have made more moves in 2017 than in most years combined. Is one more in store?

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

While the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense continues to sputter, most recognize the weakest position on this unit is at tight end. Yes, they traded for Vance McDonald before the season, but with McDonald receiving notice mainly for his ability as a blocker, the team could still use more of a receiving threat at the position.

It’s rare at this point of the season to see a free-agent pop up who’s worth talking about, but that’s exactly what happened when the Packers cut Martellus Bennett with a Failure to Disclose Physical Condition designation.

While this opportunity might seem attractive, and the move would certainly make the Steelers’ offense more dynamic, there’s plenty of information which needs to be gathered before the Steelers, or any team, should consider bringing in the veteran tight end.

First, his health. The designation the Packers used could hint at a lingering issue which won’t be rectified anytime soon, or they could just want to get out of his hefty contract.

Either way, if I’m the Steelers, it never hurts to put in a phone call. But when it comes down to actually signing on the dotted line, the Steelers should hesitate for multiple reasons.

First, their offense already struggles to spread the ball around evenly, and this is obviously a problem within the offensive play-makers. Adding another receiving option would be awesome, but it could also weigh heavily on the offense.

Second, the state of his health would be the ultimate deciding factor. The team doesn’t want to bring in another Ladarius Green, and Bennett reportedly has a shoulder injury which will have him missing the next game on the schedule for Green Bay.

Lastly, the finances simply don’t add up. Unless the Packers are able to void his entire deal, which it seems they’re trying to do, his new team would have to pick up his current contract, which isn’t cheap.

A phone call doesn’t cost anything, but the thought of the Steelers actually bringing in Bennett seems like a stretch. Then again, so did bringing in Joe Haden at one point.