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Update: Ryan Shazier has begun the physical rehabilitation process at UPMC

The injured Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker starts his long road back to health.

Green Bay Packers v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Since leaving the game and heading to University of Cincinnati Medical Center the only news fans have received is the following:

  • Shazier was transported via helicopter back to Pittsburgh to be treated at UPMC
  • After remaining in UPMC, doctors felt it was necessary for Shazier to undergo spinal stabilization surgery.

Other than that, fans have been left in the dark wondering what Shazier’s ultimate prognosis will be, and rightfully so to protect the privacy of Shazier and his loved ones.

Thursday, UPMC released the following statement via their official Twitter feed:

The statement reads:

“Ryan Shazier remains hospitalized at UPMC recovering from his spinal stabilization surgery performed last week by UPMC neurosurgeons and Steelers team physicians Drs. David Onkonkwo and Joseph Maroon. Mr. Shazier has started the physical rehabilitation as part of the recovery process.”

After the statement they added:

“To respect the privacy of UPMC patients, no additional information is available at this time. We will provide future updates as appropriate.”

Although this doesn’t tell us much regarding Shazier’s current physical status, it does show he has begun the process of recovering from the injury and surgery. As players have talked about Shazier’s amazing mindset, faith and overall outlook throughout this ordeal, we ask everyone to send prayers and positive thoughts Shazier’s way as he continues to work back to full health.

Stay tuned as more news comes out surrounding this story...#SHALIEVE