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AFC Playoff Picture: Staying atop the mountain is all that matters for Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers squeaked out another win in Week 13, but as long as they keep “stacking wins” they control their own destiny in the AFC.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

This article outlining the AFC Playoff Picture could be summed up easily for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Do your job, and the rest will take care of itself.

That’s it.

If the Steelers handle their business the rest of the season, they will be the No. 1 seed in the AFC Playoffs, and the road to Super Bowl 52 will go through Heinz Field on their half of the bracket.

But that article wouldn’t be very interesting, so let’s take a look at the entire playoff picture and figure out just what is coming up for all of the teams vying for the postseason, and jockeying for the best position possible.

With only 4 weeks left to be played, this is still a two horse race between the Steelers and the New England Patriots. Seemingly on a collision course with each other in Week 15, both teams have divisional games to be played in Week 14 prior to the matchup. The Patriots will play the Miami Dolphins, in Miami, on Monday Night Football, while the Steelers will host the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday Night Football. If Pittsburgh and New England win their Week 14 games, the Week 15 game will be for the top seed, and likely home field advantage throughout.

But there are plenty of games this weekend which could impact the overall AFC Playoff Picture.

Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore
Kansas City vs. Oakland
Tennessee at Arizona
Jacksonville at Seattle
New England at Miami (MNF)

Plenty can change in the final quarter of the season, but what isn’t likely to change are the top two teams. If the Steelers win on Sunday, it would be a huge step towards them getting a first round bye. The No. 1 seed will have to be earned, but at least claiming one of the two top spots, and getting an extra week to rest before taking the field in the divisional round.

Check out the complete AFC Playoff Picture heading into Week 14.

AFC Playoff Picture

1. Pittsburgh Steelers - 10-2 - Remaining Schedule: vs. Ravens (7-5), vs. Patriots (10-2), at Texans (4-8), vs. Browns (0-12)
2. New England Patriots - 10-2 - Remaining Schedule: at Dolphins (5-7), at Steelers (10-2), vs. Bills (6-6), vs. Jets (5-7)
3. Tennessee Titans - 8-4 - Remaining Schedule: at Cardinals (5-7), at 49ers (2-10), vs. Rams (9-3), vs. Jaguars (8-4)
4. Kansas City Chiefs - 6-6 - Remaining Schedule: vs. Raiders (6-6), vs. Chargers (6-6), vs. Dolphins (5-7), at Broncos (3-9)
5. Jacksonville Jaguars - 8-4 - Remaining Schedule: vs. Seahawks (8-4), vs. Texans (4-8), at 49ers (2-10), at Titans (8-4)
6. Baltimore Ravens - 7-5 - Remaining Schedule: at Steelers (10-2), at Browns (0-12), vs. Colts (3-9), vs. Bengals (5-6)
7. Los Angeles Chargers - 6-6 - Remaining Schedule: vs. Redskins (5-7), at Chiefs (6-6), at Jets (5-7), vs. Raiders (6-6)
8. Buffalo Bills - 6-6 - Remaining Schedule: vs. Colts (3-9), vs. Dolphins (5-7), at Patriots (10-2), at Dolphins (5-7)
9. Oakland Raiders - 6-6 - Remaining Schedule: at Chiefs (6-6), vs. Cowboys (6-6), at Eagles (10-2), at Chargers (6-6)