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Steelers open with 4th best odds to win Super Bowl 52

Super Bowl 51 is still fresh, but Las Vegas has already put out the odds for next year’s Super Bowl.

NFL: AFC Divisional-Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers were 4 quarters away from Super Bowl 51, and despite them not reaching their ultimate destination, the odds on them taking the next step to reach Super Bowl 52 have been released.

The Bovada sports book in Las Vegas had a big day on Super Bowl Sunday, but it could have been a huge day for the sports books. See what they said about what could have been a historic day.

“It was no secret the book needed the Falcons pretty big last night and when they were up 21-0 we were already celebrating. Our main problem was we took a ton on Pats action in our Live Betting as well and we all know how the story ended. Despite the losses on the spread, total, and live betting, we did very well in props which account for almost 40% of all wagers. It ended up being a breakeven day, but if the Falcons hung on it would have been an epic day for the book. We just posted next year’s Super Bowl odds and Falcons at 14-1 and Steelers at 10-1 are getting bet immediately while the Pats are favored once again at 5-1.”

So Vegas has already put the odds out for next year’s Super Bowl. These odds will continue to change with injuries, free agency, the NFL draft and retirements, but if you like the odds on a team, like Pittsburgh, you could throw some money on it before it changes.

Check out the early odds for Super Bowl 52:

Odds to Win Super Bowl 52

New England Patriots 5/1

Dallas Cowboys 9/1

Green Bay Packers 9/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 12/1

Atlanta Falcons 14/1

Denver Broncos 16/1

Minnesota Vikings 16/1

Oakland Raiders 16/1

Seattle Seahawks 16/1

Carolina Panthers 25/1

Indianapolis Colts 25/1

Kansas City Chiefs 25/1

New York Giants 25/1

Arizona Cardinals 33/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 33/1

Baltimore Ravens 40/1

Detroit Lions 40/1

Houston Texans 40/1

Cincinnati Bengals 50/1

Miami Dolphins 50/1

New Orleans Saints 50/1

Philadelphia Eagles 50/1

Tennessee Titans 50/1

Washington Redskins 50/1

Buffalo Bills 66/1

Jacksonville Jaguars 66/1

Los Angeles Chargers 66/1

Los Angeles Rams 75/1

New York Jets 75/1

Chicago Bears 100/1

Cleveland Browns 150/1

San Francisco 49ers 150/1