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Joey Porter’s off-field situation far from over after guilty plea

Pittsburgh Steelers OLB coach, and former player, Joey Porter plead guilty in court Tuesday, but this situation could be far from over.

Buffalo Bills v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

There is likely a large contingent of Pittsburgh Steelers fans who want the Joey Porter, Carson St. incident which took place after the Steelers Wild Card win over the Miami Dolphins to just go away.

After his arrest, the Pittsburgh coach has seen his employer place him on leave, a long list of charges be reduced to two, his team reinstate him and on Tuesday the former linebacker plead guilty to the charge of disorderly conduct. However, he did not plead guilty to charges of public intoxication, stating he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.

While the Steelers are reportedly planning on retaining their entire coaching staff, Porter’s future could play a role in such a decision from being made. For the general public, Tuesday marked more than Porter’s plea, but also the release of the surveillance video from the night of the altercation.

You can see the video below:

Since Porter’s plea in court Tuesday, this situation could be far from over on several fronts.

First, Porter will have to live with the decision of the court, on top of the fine and court fees handed down Tuesday. Second, the Steelers could deem his actions not worthy of being further employed by the team and relieve him of his duties as a coach for the black and gold. Lastly, the NFL could investigate the issue and hand down their own punishment.

In fact, Jacob Klinger of spoke to one of Porter’s attorneys, Albert Veverka, regarding if Porter has heard from the NFL regarding the situation.

"We hope through a review of the video, through what happened today, the NFL will take into account that nobody was injured," Veverka said. "This was what amounts to a traffic offense. And the NFL will act accordingly."

According to Veverka, Porter will cooperate with the NFL during an investigation, if one even occurs during the offseason, and according to the NFL’s VP of communications Brian McCarthy, "This is under review of the personal conduct policy."

Not only will the Steelers be reviewing this case in regards to Porter’s future, but the NFL will likely be doing the same. After watching the videos, it is hard to see further discipline coming to Porter, but in the NFL’s strange and twisted world, anything is possible.