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Watch DeAngelo Williams jump into freezing cold water while also dissing the Browns

DeAngelo Williams is a character. He is very outgoing, and loves to poke fun at his friends, and often time his teammates. On a recent trip to Findland, Williams provided plenty of laughs on social media.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

In the NFL offseason, things get slow. Sure there are the big milestones: College All-Star games, NFL Scouting Combine, prospect pro days, NFL free agency and of course the 2017 NFL Draft. But between those events, and especially afterwards, the NFL goes quiet. In fact, if you have news breaking during those “dead” times, it usually isn’t good.

Nonetheless, fans have spoken out about wanting to know what players are doing in the offseason, and DeAngelo Williams has shared a lot of his trip to Finland with Cleveland Browns tight end Gary Barnidge and teammate Roosevelt Nix.

First on the docket was a dip into some freezing cold waters with Barnidge, but leave it to Williams to throw a not-so-subtle dig at the Browns’ 2016 record on Twitter in the process.

You might be wondering where this took place, and why, and Williams, along with others, are in Finland. For the second straight year they are overseas promoting American Football, and taking in some culture...and cold.

The pictures and videos are all great, but the best video was one Williams posted on his verified Facebook page of a beautiful stone church, and then Roosevelt Nix decides to help make the video a little more locker room-like, and less spiritual. However, it is still good for a laugh.

While some NFL players are basking in the hot sun, Williams, Barnidge and Nix are braving the elements in Finland. Seems like the guys are having a good time nonetheless.