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Steelers guard David DeCastro named to the NFL’s All-Penalty team

The NFL All-Penalty team might not be as illustrious as the All-Pro selections, but they have their merit in their own way.

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout the Pittsburgh Steelers 9-game winning streak, one of the main changes in the team was their lack of penalties. During the team’s 4-game losing streak the team was ridiculously penalized from top to bottom.

While the penalties were attributed mainly to the team, there were some individuals who were more guilty than others. In fact, the NFL All-Penalty team had just one Steeler player on their list, and it was guard David DeCastro who was given this dubious honor.

According to, DeCastro was flagged 12 times for 82-yards throughout the 2016 regular season. Not a shock considering how DeCastro played after a rough start to the season; however, DeCastro did right the ship and play inspired football down the stretch.

As far as team rankings go, the Steelers were one of several teams with just one player on this list.

Here's the breakdown by team:

3 Raiders
3 Jaguars
2 Dolphins
2 Rams
2 Bills
2 Lions
1 Saints
1 Colts
1 Bears
1 Texans
1 Falcons
1 Giants
1 Titans
1 Steelers
1 Cardinals

While most will talk about DeCastro being named to this dubious All-Star team, there is one name for the black and gold who wasn’t on the list, while many outsiders suggest he should be.

That man would be Mike Mitchell. Fans of the opposition, especially the Kansas City Chiefs fan base, loved to talk about how dirty Mitchell is, and how often he hits players illegally. In fact, Mitchell is hardly penalized for his hard-hitting style of play, and wasn’t close to being on the list alongside teammate David DeCastro.