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Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell agrees to taking Twitter follower to her prom

The All-Pro Steelers running back is making the day of a High School fan who wanted him to escort her to her prom.

NFL: Super Bowl LI-NFL Honors Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After the Pittsburgh Steelers season ended in disappointing fashion at the hands of the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game, I posted a FanPost asking for questions, or suggestions, fans may have heading into the offseason, and one fan said they would like to see coverage of what the players are doing in the offseason.

Most players are extremely private, but social media opens a window into their personal lives fans usually wouldn’t get to see. So, when a Steelers fan named Ava tweets at Le’Veon Bell asking him to go to prom with her, well things just got interesting.

When Bell saw the tweet suggesting if she gets 500 people to retweet her tweet, he said make it 600 and you have a deal.

If you go back up to Ava’s original tweet, you can see she got well over a thousand, crushing the 600 Bell suggested she would need for him to be her date at her High School prom.

So, how does he respond? It looks as if he is preparing to go to prom! Although details weren’t given, the hope is Bell shows up and treats his date to a wonderful evening and is the perfect gentleman.

Stories like these rarely get publicity, but in this instance it is pretty cool to see a current player make the day of a huge fan. All because of Twitter. Who would have guessed that is all it would take!