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Darrelle Revis says playing for the Steelers would be a “dream come true”

The man who was once called “Revis Island” for his ability to shut down an entire side of the football field is a free agent. Would the Steelers be interested in bringing him in?

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The past few years Darrelle Revis has taken a lot of punishment by the media. Whether it was the injuries, the noticeable lost step on the field, his most recent off field altercation or “anonymous” front office staff stating he doesn’t have the desire to play anymore.

When the New York Jets released Revis, the question wasn’t who will sign him, but will someone sign him?

Revis spoke to Aditi Kinkhabwala of the NFL Network after his court case was dismissed, and said he hasn’t fielded any calls from teams interested in his services in 2017.

However, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that any NFL team who might want to take a look at Revis was going to wait and see what happened to Revis in his court case. With that being behind him, and Revis being from the Pittsburgh area, the natural question was, “Would you be interested in playing for the Steelers?”

His answer says it all.

The Steelers could use a veteran cornerback, but would Revis fill their void? Has the Revis the average cornerback officially taken over for Revis the best cornerback in the league?

Revis states he still has a strong desire to play the game, and has already lost 10-pounds while working out this offseason in hopes of being ready when a team calls.

At a time when the Steelers have swung-and-missed on all but one free agent they’ve brought into their practice facility, it wouldn’t, or shouldn’t, shock anyone the team might pick up the phone and see just what Revis has left in the tank.

There would certainly be doubters if the Steelers decide to bring in Revis, but if he gives the team a cap-friendly deal, it could be a very low cost addition to the team. I, for one, would be okay with them bringing him in to get a look. After all, it wouldn’t hurt anything, but as the Steelers work — it’s all about the money.

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