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Pittsburgh Steelers chairman, Dan Rooney, passes away at age 84

Steelers chairman, Dan Rooney, has passed away at the age of 84.

Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers around the globe have heavy hearts today as the news of the passing of chairman Dan Rooney spreads throughout Steelers Nation.

Rooney, the son of founder Art Rooney Sr., was a main key in the success of the Steelers from the 1970s dynasty to the current success of the team. It was Rooney who pushed for the “Rooney Rule” ensuring minority coaches are given a fair shot at vacancies to be put in place.

Rooney’s impact wasn’t just on the NFL as one of the largest voices among all the owners. Rather, when giving his son Art Rooney II the label as team president, Rooney turned his attention to politics as he became the United States ambassador to Ireland. When Rooney returned, he claimed the title of chairman of the Steelers, and was still a very present member of the organization both at league events, and at regular season games.

Rooney’s health had declined in recent months, causing him to miss the league owner’s meetings in Phoenix, Arizona earlier this month, but his passing does little to touch the lasting legacy he has as with the Steelers, and as a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

On behalf of everyone from BTSC, and Steelers fans around the world, we all send our condolences to the team, the Rooney family, and the many players whose lives were touched by Mr. Rooney.

Dan Rooney was 84 years old.

Rest in peace.