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Pittsburgh Steelers players react to the passing of Dan Rooney

Current, and former, members of the Pittsburgh Steelers take to social media to say goodbye to Mr. Dan Rooney, who was much more than just an owner of a football team.

2011 AFC Championship: New York Jets v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers, former players and fans were dealt a crushing blow Thursday when it was announced team chairman Dan Rooney had passed away at the age of 84.

Almost immediately after his passing hit social media, both former and current Steelers took to Twitter to share their condolences and stories. You can genuinely tell just how special Mr. Rooney was not only to the team and the fan base, but to the people who could have called him ‘boss’, but instead just called him Mr. Rooney.

Take the time to read through these tweets, and you can tell just how special Dan Rooney was to these players. From the undrafted to the first round selections, all were treated with love and respect.

RIP Mr. Rooney.