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Several Pittsburgh sports organizations pay tribute to Steelers chairman Dan Rooney

The late Pittsburgh Steelers chairman Dan Rooney was more than just the owner of the Steelers, he was Pittsburgh through and through.

Super Bowl XLIII Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Rooney family isn’t some outsider family who came into Pittsburgh to buy the Steelers. No, they are Pittsburgh through and through. Direct family line to immigrants who came to the United States from Ireland, the Rooneys didn’t just represent the Steelers, but the city.

It was the Chief, Art Rooney, who put in a call to several horse betting friends to convince the NHL to expand their league to the Steel City. From that day on, the Pittsburgh Penguins were born. It was Rooney who changed the name of the football team from the Pirates to the Steelers to reflect the city and the hard working mentality of the city they represent.

In other words, the Rooneys have their fingerprint on not just the Steelers and the NFL, but the entire city.

The Rooneys are Pittsburgh, and it was awesome to see the Pittsburgh Penguins and the University of Pittsburgh pay tribute to Dan Rooney’s passing in their own way. Take a look at the in-game video and decals both teams will wear in honor of Mr. Rooney.

Pittsburgh Penguins In-Game Tribute

Penguins Helmet Decal

PITT Helmet Decal