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Steelers Kevin Colbert continues to be disrespected when compared to other GMs in the latest rankings

Rotoworld’s Patrick Daugherty is back at it again with his annual General Manager rankings. See how laughable he places Steelers GM Kevin Colbert.

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There are simple facts even the most devout Pittsburgh Steelers haters can’t take away from the black and gold. One of those facts is how under Mike Tomlin, since 2007, the team has never finished below the .500 mark.

In fact, in the each of the past three seasons, the team has made it one step closer to the Super Bowl. Losing in the Wild Card round to the Baltimore Ravens in 2014, losing in the AFC Divisional round to the Denver Broncos in 2015 and losing in the AFC Championship Game to the New England Patriots in 2016.

That type of consistency isn’t just the head coach, but also the man pulling the strings in the front office. That would be none other than Kevin Colbert for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Although Colbert still has his detractors and doubters, he has proven himself time and time again, but apparently not enough for Rotoworld’s Patrick Daugherty. Daugherty does a yearly GM rankings, and for the second straight year, Colbert doesn’t even crack the top 10 of general managers.

See what they thought of Colbert’s No. 13 placement.

13. Kevin Colbert, Steelers

Last Year’s Ranking: 13

Kevin Colbert struggles to draft defensive talent and almost never makes waves in free agency. So how does his team keep making the playoffs? A spread out series of brilliant offensive picks. Ben Roethlisberger has been the backbone of the Colbert era in Pittsburgh, but 2013 second-rounder Le'Veon Bell and 2010 sixth-rounder Antonio Brown have prevented stagnation from taking hold as the Steelers’ once-fearsome defense treads water. Colbert has ridden this shaky formula for longer than he’s had any right to. More power to him, but it’s a balancing act that can’t go on forever. Had Roethlisberger actually followed through on his “I might retire” cry for help, the Steelers would look like one of the league’s more adrift franchises. At some point, Colbert is going to need one of his Cameron Heyward/Jarvis Jones/Ryan Shazier/Bud Dupree to actually be a star. Colbert has maximized his Big Ben leeway. It’s time to start working on another plan.

The fact Colbert is bashed for not being able to draft defensive talent, but then they go on to talk about his brilliance in making offensive picks.

The description was frustrating, and inaccurate at the same time as labeling Jarvis Jones as a Steelers player, but what is more frustrating isn’t what Rotoworld thought of Colbert at No. 13, but those who were listed ahead of him.

Take a look at the 12 GMs who were all labeled as better than Colbert:

1. Bill Belichick, Patriots
2. John Elway, Broncos
3. John Schneider, Seahawks
4. Ted Thompson, Packers
5. Ozzie Newsome, Ravens
6. Steve Keim, Cardinals
7. Dave Gettleman, Panthers
8. John Dorsey, Chiefs
9. Rick Smith, Texans
10. Jerry Jones, Cowboys
11. Marvin Lewis & Co., Bengals
12. Reggie McKenzie, Raiders

When you look at some of those names on the list, it becomes clear winning isn’t that important for a GM to be given a Top 10 distinction. However, if it did count, there is no way half of these men who would be ranked higher than Colbert.

What are your thoughts on Colbert? 13 the right spot, or a disgrace?