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Pittsburgh Steelers 2017 NFL Draft class get their rookie jersey numbers

Recently BTSC predicted the numbers that the 2017 draft class will sport proudly on their chests. The results are in. Find out here what numerical fashions your favorite new Steelers will parade in the fall.

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl Game-Penn State vs Southern California Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

On 7/1/1989, the number one song was sung (not really) by Milli Vanilli. Sing it with me. “Buh, buh-buh-buh baby. Don't forget my number.” Milli Vanilli turned out to be frauds. With the 2017 Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Draft Class receiving their numbers Tuesday evening, Steeler Nation hopes that, unlike Fab Moran and Rob Pilatus, that these guys are the real deal. With their onfield performances, they undoubtedly will try to prove that and impress upon you to heed the words of Milli Vanilli and remember their number.

A few days ago, I posted number predictions and went four for eight. Here are the results and the numerical identities for our new favorite Steelers.

No. 90 T.J. Watt - LB

Prediction: No. 42

Level of Certainty: Medium

Outcome: Knew Better

This shouldn't have been a surprise due to the fact that Watt announced his digits on Twitter. I just went with the novel, college jersey prediction and was wrong. According to, Watt feels that he can fill out No. 90 as a bigger OLB. This number is only one of two that the Steelers listed as not subject to change. Steve McLendon, Travis Kirschke, Tyrone Stowe and Bob Kohrs were the most notable to don the nine and the zero.

No. 19 JuJu Smith-Schuster - WR

Prediction: No. 19

Level of Certainty: High

Outcome: Correctomundo

It was originally announced that JJSS would be wearing No. 13. Now, the Steelers have on their website that the WR from USC will be donning the one-nine as originally thought, due to his wearing No. 9 in college. Notable Steele No. 19’s include QB David Woodley and Andersen Coleman. Tyler Grisham was the last to wear it. Smith-Schuster, with decent productio, has a good chance of being the best Steeler to wear the 19.

No. 20 Cameron Sutton - CB

Prediction: No. 20

Level of Certainty: Low

Outcome: Yay

This was kind of a shot in the dark that paid off. I didn't foresee Sutton getting his college number of 23 due to Mike Mitchell occupying it, so this was just a best guess. The No. 20 has had a number of notables in the team’s history like Paul Martha, Dwight Stone, Erric Pegram, Dewayne Washington, Bryant McFadden and Will Allen wear it. The mist famous two-zero would be the incomparable Rocky Bleier from 1971-1980.

No. 30 James Conner - RB

Prediction: No, 24

Level of Certainty: Extremely High

Outcome: Shockingly Wrong

Nobody thought that the Pitt Panther would be wearing anything in the pros other than his college number of 24. However, Conner chose his high school digits, No. 30, as a way to pay a tribute to where it all started. Conner’s jersey is the other, along with Watt’s, that the team listed as not subject to change. Other prominent Steelers to be outfitted with No. 30 were Tom Tracy, Larry Anderson, Frank Pollard and Chad Scott. Jordan Todman were the last to wear it in regular-season action.

No. 5 Joshua Dobbs - QB

Prediction: No. 11

Level of Certainty: High

Outcome: Didn't See This Coming

Dobbs wore No. 11 at Tennessee and it was available since Markus Wheaton took his talents to Chicago. Slam dunk, right. Wrong. The Volunteer QB will wear the mark of one of the most important back-ups in Steeler history, Terry Hanratty. Another Tennessee Volunteer, Craig Colquitt wore it for six seasons. The most recent to don the five was QB Bruce Gradkowski, which leads me to believe this is the end of the road for the Steel City native.

No. 29 Brian Allen - CB

The 6'3" corner from Utah will try to emulate the success of Ron Johnson who wore No. 29 at corner from 1977-1984. Barry Foster and Chad Iwuoma also donned it to some success in Pittsburgh. Shamarko Thomas was No. 29 since 2013. Had this number in my sights, but went for another set in the 30s to no avail.

Prediction: No. 35

Level of Certainty: Medium

Outcome: Came Close

No. 49 Colin Holba - LS

Being that he wore this number in college at Louisville, the fact that he's a long snapper and that this is a seldom used number...this should've been a no-brainer. But I decided to get all complicated and come up with a different number. The last Steeler to wear No. 49 was Sean McHugh. Dwayne Woodruff and Lynn Chandnois are the greatest Steelers to ever sport these digits.

Prediction: No. 61

Level of Certainty: Very Low

Outcome: Overthunk It

No. 99 Keion Adams - LB

Prediction: No. 99

Level of Certainty: Medium

Outcome: Right On

To me, this is the numeric identity of a tough guy and a true “cream the quarterback” kind of player. In the highlights from Western Michigan of Adams that I have seen, The new No. 99 seems like that kind of guy. He went from one end of the numerical spectrum to the other, as his collegiate jersey was No. 1. Steelers that repped the nine-nine with class include Levon Kirkland and Brett Keisel. Cashaud Lyons was the last player to wear it with Pittsburgh.