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Predicting how many games the Pittsburgh Steelers will win in 2017

Las Vegas has set the Pittsburgh Steelers Over/Under on total wins in 2017. Which side will you bet on this year?

AFC Championship - Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Due to my job with the website you are reading currently, and my very outward favoritism of the Pittsburgh Steelers, I get asked a lot of questions. Doesn’t matter where I am either. The gym, grocery store, work and even in my neighborhood, everyone wants to know about the Steelers.

“What do you think of the team’s draft class?”

“Will Martavis Bryant be able to stay clean?”

“What is the deal with Ben Roethlisberger? Will he actually retire after this year?”

But the question I get more than any other is...

“How many wins do you think the Steelers will have next season?”

While most of the time I am able to give a very vague answer like, “I think they will be a tough team to beat.” or “They could easily win the AFC North again.” Most people want an actual number, and this is where I love Las Vegas.

Las Vegas sets the number for me, so I don’t have to mentally run through the schedule giving my prediction. In fact, the Bovada sports book just released their Over/Under for win totals for the entire league.

The Steelers number? 10 12 wins.

This was the same number Vegas tagged on the Steelers prior to the 2016 regular season, and they were able to make those who bet the Over a lot of money with 11 wins. Looking at the Steelers 2017 opponents, they obviously play their divisional foes twice, the AFC South and the NFC North, along with the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs.

Do you see 11 wins, or more, again in 2017?

Before we get into the actual prediction, it is worth noting only the Seattle Seahawks (10 12 wins) and New England Patriots (12 wins) have the same, or higher, Over/Under lines heading into the new season.

So, with that said, do you side on with the Over crowd, or the Under? Personally, I will take the Over. I think this team is poised to go on a tear after their disappointing ending to the 2016 season. I will go with at least another 11 win season, but could actually envision 12 wins.

What about you? You taking the Over or Under? Vote in the poll below, and explain your vote in the comment section!


Over or Under the Steelers 10.5 wins in 2017?

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