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Saturday BTSC Six-Pack of Steelers questions

Time to get ready to answer some questions about the Black-and-Gold as the team prepares for rookie minicamp!

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

It's time for another edition of the Pittsburgh Steelers BTSC Saturday Six-Pack of questions.

Quick rundown of the ground rules.

  • I will ask at least three questions strictly related to the Steelers
  • The rest of the questions could be about anything
  • Be respectful
  • Have fun talking about the Black-and- Gold . . .

That’s it! With that out of the way, time to get this party started on a Saturday morning. Hey, don’t act like you’ve never done a little day drinking in your life . . . It

1. If you could attend rookie minicamp, which rookie would you be keeping an eye on, and why?

2. Been wracking my brain about this recently. Who was the better 90s OLB/DE? Kevin Greene or Greg Lloyd?

3. A question which was posed on our BTSC Facebook Page, which gets you more fired up? A big defensive play, like a sack, or a timely touchdown?

4. If you were Keith Butler, how would you deploy T.J. Watt within the Steelers’ defense? Sub packages only? Spell James Harrison?

5. Juju Smith-Schuster has the look of a solid wide receiver. What is your prediction for the team’s wide receiver depth chart to start the 2017 regular season?

6. Hockey question: Penguins vs. Senators . . . what’s your prediction?