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Report: Steelers sign huge tight end to 90-man offseason roster

The Pittsburgh Steelers have reportedly added tight end Phazhan Odom to their 90-man offseason roster.

NCAA Football: Fordham at Army Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers just wrapped up their rookie minicamp, but they haven’t wrapped up their roster moves this offseason, nor will they likely do so anytime soon.

An NFL team’s 90-man offseason roster is fluid and, with injuries and personnel releases around the league, fringe players come and go.

According to Aaron Wilson, NFL insider for the Houston Chronicle, the Steelers have signed former Fordham tight end Phazah Odom to their offseason roster.

Odom isn’t just some run-of-the-mill tight end, at least not in stature. Odom stands 6-feet-8 and weighs 250 pounds. He's a former All-State basketball player in high school who has ridiculous length, but lacks the strength associated with the tight end position in the NFL.

Take a look at his strengths and weaknesses, per his 2017 NFL Draft Profile:


All-state basketball player in high school who averaged 19 points and 14 rebounds per game. Arms unfurl for days and check in right at 36 inches. Has the length to extend well beyond his frame and rescue throws well out in front of him on crossing routes. Plays with long, flexible strides as an open-field runner after the catch. Possesses unique ability to hurdle over tacklers who try and go low. Long arms give defensive backs trouble when he's able to latch onto them as a blocker in space.


Passive blocker who shies away from the big collision when asked to come across formation and wham defensive ends. Will need substantial weight work to upgrade his play strength. Doesn't have the strength or ability to be an in-line blocking option. Can be easily rerouted by force. Is a little plodding into his routes and plays way too tall creating extended gear down before opening. Slaps at football rather than snatches it as a pass catcher.


Tall and exceptionally long, Odom has the length and athletic ability that will likely intrigue some teams. However, his lack of playing strength shows up in his routes and in his blocking. He may not have the pass-catching or blocking strengths to make it in the league.