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Steelers reportedly add former Pitt LB Matt Galambos to 90-man offseason roster

After the Pittsburgh Steelers rookie minicamp, a couple players who attended on a try out basis have made their mark. One of them was former Pitt LB Matt Galambos.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This past weekend the Pittsburgh Steelers held their annual rookie minicamp from Friday to Sunday. Throughout the process the main focus was on the 2017 NFL Draft class, but there were plenty of other players there trying to make their mark. There are those who were undrafted free agents, and some who were there on a try out basis.

Those who were trying out get to put their best foot forward, and prove they are worthy of a spot on the team’s 90-man offseason roster. It doesn’t always workout that way for any prospective player, but in the case of Matt Galambos, former linebacker at the University of Pittsburgh, he seems to have made his mark.

See the tweet from his agent:

The Steelers have not officially announced the signing, but it would seem odd his sports management group would take to social media without having a contract in hand, and signed.

Most likely, the Steelers have yet to inform any number of players they have been released from the roster and are now considered an NFL rookie free agent.

Stay tuned to BTSC as the team continues to work on their evolving 90-man offseason roster.