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Steelers top draft pick T.J. Watt hints at his NFL jersey number

With the 2017 NFL Draft in the books, many fans await the opportunity to buy some jerseys, but they have to find out what numbers the rookies will wear first.

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

There are certain things in the NFL which are just pretty cool to see. Some might downplay it, but when a new player chooses his number at the professional level, it is almost like a rite of passage.

After a player is drafted, they typically have a few days to see what their options are before they choose a number with their new football team. For the Pittsburgh Steelers, many fans have been waiting to see what number T.J. Watt will be wearing in the black and gold.

Outside linebackers, who used to always wear numbers in the 50s or 90s, have now been permitted to wear numbers in the 40s, hence Bud Dupree’s No. 48. Watt wore No. 42 for the University of Wisconsin, but hinted at a more traditional number with the black and gold from his verified Twitter account Tuesday.

While Watt might have chosen the number 90, you might want to wait before you go out and buy that new Nike jersey. Why? Because these players can still change their number before the regular season rolls around. If a player who is currently on the roster is released, Watt could change his number if the vacated number is more appealing.

Nonetheless, Watt would look pretty good rocking the 9-0 on his jersey at Heinz Field. One thing is for certain, Watt will be able to create his own legacy in that jersey number as there is certainly a lack of memorable players to wear No. 90 for the Steelers.

Here are just a few...and the rest aren’t really noteworthy.

Steve McLendon
Travis Kirschke
Huey Richardson