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NFL passes several rules changes which will impact the 2017 preseason and regular season

The NFL has passed several rules which will impact both the preseason, and regular season in 2017.

NFL: NFL Meetings Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL owners met Tuesday to discuss several different rules changes which could be made for the upcoming 2017 season. Some of the proposed changes are more severe than others, but they all have their own significance in their own way.

Take a look at some of the new changes to take place this season:

2 Players to return from IR

The NFL passed the rule allowing a team to have 2 players, not just one, to return to the lineup after being placed on injured reserve. This is coming a year after the NFL changed the rule stating a team didn’t have to designate a player to return from IR, but can take a more wait-and-see approach. This is a good decision, and one which could impact teams in a positive way.

Hello 10 minute Overtimes

15 minute overtimes were the norm, but now the NFL thinks 10 minute overtime periods are better. Why? No one knows...

What does this mean? It means more ties if someone doesn’t end the game in the now shortened time period. And we all know what ties are like...

Bye Bye 75-man cut down

While the NFL used to have the 90-man roster, then the 75-man roster and finally the 53-man roster, the league has eliminated the middle man.

This means teams won’t have to make cuts until after their preseason finale, but also means over 1,000 NFL players will be cut at the same time. Talk about a free agent feeding frenzy. You could expect the days following cuts to be filled with roster turnover as players will be available for the picking.

Hooray for better celebrations!

Roger Goodell updated fans about how certain celebrations which used to be banned, are now allowed again in the game after a touchdown.

We know that you love the spontaneous displays of emotion that come after a spectacular touchdown. And players have told us they want more freedom to be able to express themselves and celebrate their athletic achievements.

Those celebrations which are now allowed are: Snow angels (or celebrations on the ground), using the football as a prop and group celebrations.

However, bad news for Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, offensive and vulgar displays (including twerking) are still not permitted.