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Steelers OTAs Recap Day 3: Injuries come to light at the conclusion of first week

The Pittsburgh Steelers have completed their first week of offseason OTAs, and several injuries are starting to come to light throughout the process.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers-Minicamp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When the NFL season is over, teams don’t have to report on any injuries, or surgeries, players experience throughout the offseason. Some players, like Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Sammie Coates, will post pictures on social media, but many don’t say a word.

Surgeries which were made known this offseason were Le’Veon Bell’s groin surgery, Sammie Coates’ surgery on his hands and Vince Williams’ shoulder surgery. What wasn’t reported, but was asked at the latest Organized Team Activities (OTAs) workout was shoulder surgery to Sean Davis.

But he wasn’t the only player talking about injuries after Thursday’s workout. We recap what was going on in the latest OTA recap.

James Conner Hamstring

When you know James Conner’s story, and who doesn’t, you can’t wait to see him on the field in the NFL. Heck, even running drills would be a thrill considering what he’s been through, but he hasn’t been doing any work the first week, and it is because of a hamstring injury suffered during rookie minicamp.

While the excitement level for Conner to don the black and gold to start running over opponents is high, fans should remember there is no rush for him to get on the field, even as a rookie. There is bigger fish to fry in this scenario, and Conner’s hamstring fully healing is paramount at this stage in the game. No need to rush back.

Sean Davis surgery rumors

While Conner isn’t sure when he will be back, there are many players who don’t want to talk about their offseason injuries/surgeries, and take more of an NHL approach to the situation. You know, the “Upper Body Injury” tag rather than a specific injury.

Well, Davis was asked about his reported shoulder surgery, and his response certainly wasn’t very specific.

Well then, after reading those quotes it seems as if that is all of the information anyone asking will get on the situation, and that is fine by me. If Davis is 100-percent healthy, that is all any coach, teammate or fan can ask. Whether he had surgery in the offseason, or not, is of little importance.