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Pittsburgh Steelers’ Super Bowl odds slide after 2017 NFL Draft

Las Vegas must not be too keen on the Steelers’ 2017 NFL Draft class, as their Super Bowl odds have taken a slide.

NFL: AFC Championship-Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In Las Vegas you can bet on anything, especially in the world of sports.

Since the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl, Vegas has been spitting out 2017 Super Bowl odds. One of the teams always near the top of the list, in terms of favorites, has been the Pittsburgh Steelers.

However, Vegas readjusted their odds after the 2017 NFL Draft, and while some teams’ odds improved after the selection process, the Steelers’ odds went in the other direction.

Check out the latest odds via the Bovada Sportsbook:

2/6/17 3/16/17 Current Odds (5/3/17)

New England Patriots 5/1 4/1 7/2

Atlanta Falcons 14/1 12/1 12/1

Dallas Cowboys 9/1 10/1 12/1

Green Bay Packers 9/1 10/1 12/1

Oakland Raiders 16/1 16/1 12/1

Seattle Seahawks 16/1 10/1 12/1

Houston Texans 40/1 16/1 16/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 12/1 14/1 16/1

Denver Broncos 16/1 16/1 18/1

New York Giants 25/1 18/1 20/1

Kansas City Chiefs 25/1 25/1 25/1

Arizona Cardinals 33/1 33/1 33/1

As you can see, the Steelers’ odds started at 12/1, slipped to 14/1 and have continued their downward trend and are now currently at 16/1.

If you’re a bettor, you might be intrigued by the Steelers’ betting skid. The team is still extremely talented, and after its NFL Draft acquisitions plus Martavis Bryant’s return to the team, you could certainly justify heading to the window and placing a bet or two on the Black-and-Gold to win it all next season.