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Mike Tomlin addresses Class of 2017 of Robert Morris University with commencement speech

The Pittsburgh Steelers head coach addressed the graduating class of Robert Morris University Saturday with a commencement speech.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to commencement speeches, Mike Tomlin is no stranger. He has performed this task at both William and Mary, Tomlin’s alma mater, as well as Saint Vincent College, where the Pittsburgh Steelers host their annual training camp, and on Saturday Tomlin gave the commencement speech at Robert Morris University.

Throughout the speech, Tomlin, with his usual bravado, poked fun at several aspects which reflect back to his day job with the Steelers.

He poked fun at the New England Patriots, how some students were possibly “live streaming” the speech on social media, and how he will “behave accordingly”.

After the humor was over, Tomlin’s speech was tremendous, and even got emotional when he spoke about life, but more importantly, recently deceased Dan Rooney.

Say what you want about Tomlin as a head coach, but there is one thing he is good at, and it is speaking. He has a way with words, the usage of cliches and an overall understanding of what he is saying and how those words can impact the people who he is speaking to.

Not everyone at Robert Morris are Steelers fans, but I’m sure everyone in attendance got something out of Tomlin’s commencement speech.

You can view the entire speech by clicking HERE.