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Report: Former Steelers RB Jerome Bettis one of the many ESPN layoffs

The former Steelers running back, turned NFL analyst, Jerome Bettis is reportedly the latest layoff by ESPN.

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers have certain players who will forever wear black and gold, and are a child of the Steel City. You know the players: Hines Ward, “Mean” Joe Greene and the majority of the 1970s dynasty, and especially Jerome Bettis.

“The Bus” took his Super Bowl championship, Hall of Fame induction, and turned it into a job at ESPN being a primary NFL analyst. However, as being reported by the Sporting News, Bettis was one of the latest layoffs by ESPN.

According to the report:

“About 75 of the 100 laid-off ESPNers have announced via social media that they're leaving. That leaves another 20 or so like Bettis who, so far, have not commented publicly.”

Bettis worked primarily on the show “NFL Live”, but also appeared on various other shows to talk about the NFL, but mainly to discuss the Pittsburgh Steelers. When chairman Dan Rooney passed away, it was Bettis on every set to talk about what he meant to the team, as well as stories regarding the late ambassador.

Bettis is now considered a free agent of sorts, and will look for his next gig, be it on major network television or another avenue.