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Rate Your Steelers Hate Results: The NFC West

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BTSC examines your hate for teams from the NFC West.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Finally, a fan poll that I didn't expect. When BTSC asked you to vote for who in the NFC West Steeler Nation happens to have the least amount of like for, I expected the 49ers to be #1 with a bullet. But “the team of the 70s vs the team of the 80s” rivalry, although still in existence, has died down a bit. Looks like the fumes of hatred have moved north up the coast.

Let's take a peak at the results.

Seattle Seahawks - 63% (403 votes)

San Francisco 49ers - 25% (158 votes)

Arizona Cardinals - 7% (46 votes)

Los Angeles Rams - 5% (30 votes)

I never expected the Pacific Northwesterners to be the bad guys here. But Richard Sherman, the organization and fans claiming SB XL was rigged and rheir blowing it to the Pats made them the choice. San Fran having five rings was mostly why the 49ers got votes. Apparently, more people dislike Bruce Arians than I thought and hate for Stan Kroenke and his trashing of St. Louis was reason to vote against the Rams.

Be sure to stick with BTSC, as we conclude with the AFC West.