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Rate Your Steelers Hate Results: The AFC West

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BTSC asked Steeler Nation to rank the most objectible team of the AFC West. In a mild surprise, old rivals were eclipsed by recent headaches.

John Elway #7

The NFC and AFC West has been full of surprises in BTSC’s polling of you, the reader, to determine the foulest of foes for the Steelers in the eyes of the fans. The Bay Area has declined in disfavor as decades have gone by the wayside and now new sources of dissatisfaction have emerged. The Seahawks have surpassed the 49ers in the NFC and it wasn't the enemy of yesteryear in the AFC.

Let’s take a gander at the results in the AFC West.

Denver Broncos - 47% (257 Votes)

Oakland Raiders - 42% (231 Votes)

Kansas City Chiefs - 7% (39 Votes)

Los Angeles Chargers - 3% (18 Votes)

First off this was a very close vote. The Chargers received votes because of the unlikability of a Philip Rivers, the ownership’s disrespect for the fine City of San Diego and the 1994 AFCCG. Damn you, Alfred Pupunu. The Chiefs were third, mostly for an annoying fan base and that wang, Travis Kelce. The Raiders and the Davis’ sins of yesteryear still linger and then there was multiple reasons to vote the Denver Broncos. Elway, losing to Tebow, the fan-perception that the 2015 defense and No Fly Zone are greatest of all time and their loss in the playoffs to them that year, the championship games following the seasons of 1977 and 1998, the elevation of the city and the color scheme were listed as reasons. Funny enough, Joey Porter getting shot there and the tv show Dynasty were not listed as reasons. Hmmm.

This is where you would think that I would write “and there you have it”. But no. Check out BTSC to vote for all of the top vote-getting teams in our finale. But then again, that might not even be a finale. I smell a spinoff coming.