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Rate Your Steeler Hate Results: The Entire NFL

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The results are in and the ultimate object of Steeler Nation’s despisal is none other than...

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Ryan Shazier was recently quoted as saying that the NFL has a Patriots problem. Steeler Nation definitely has one with the team from New England. In a poll that measured who Steeler Nation despises the most, Bill Belichick’s boys took a large share of the vote from the readers of BTSC.

Let’s take a look at the final tally...

New England Patriots - 60% (336 votes)

Cincinnati Bengals - 16% (91 votes)

Baltimore Ravens - 15% (86 votes)

Dallas Cowboys - 6% (32 votes)

Seattle Seahawks - <1% (5 votes)

Denver Broncos - <1% (4 votes)

Tennesse Titans - <1% (1 vote)

Green Bay Packers - <1% (1 vote)

Carolina Panthers - <1% (1 vote)

Conventional wisdom would say that a divisional foe would dominate the vote, but Baltimore and Cincinnati combined barely made up half of the votes that the Pats received. New England was cited for allegedly being cheats, the perceived arrogance of their fans and their dominance over the Steelers the last 16 years. Disrespect for Cincinnati’s thuggery and wreckless play versus the Steelers was the reason that Cincy edged out Baltimore. Baltimore is hated, but there is a respect at least for them. Dallas was fourth, mostly for the Super Bowls of 1975, 1978 and 1995, Seattle was fifth, Denver sixth and the trio of Carolina, Tennessee and Green Bay tied for last with one vote each.

So there you have it. Steeler fans overwhelmingly have a deep disregard and loathing for the New England Patriots instead of Baltimore. It doesn't seem to be subsiding any time soon.