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Rate Your Steelers Hate Preview: Playa Hatin’

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In the spirit of “Rate Your Steelers Hate”, BTSC presents a spinoff that focuses on the individual player and not the team. But we need your help to round out the field.

Philadelphia Eagles v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

Over the past few weeks, we at BTSC ran a poll every other day to see which team in each division and ultimately the entire NFL was hated most by Steeler Nation. With the Patriots running away with it, they must have the most hated players too, right?

Maybe or maybe not.

With the teams established, we are now looking for BTSC readers to establish the top villain on an individual basis.

Villains as viewed by Steeler Nation could have the qualities of a cheater, a thug, a whiner or just a guy who always seems to shine against the black and gold. This poll is for players only, not coaches, owners and the like.

We are doing this one a little bit different. It will be bracket style and include 16 seeds. But we need your help to kick it off. Listed below are 15 guys that we felt belonged in the que. We want you to suggest players that we might have missed. Voice your opinion in the comment section. If you feel that somebody doesn't belong at all, tell us. You're opinion will shape the bracket. We will start this week with 1 vs 16 and continue until we get the ultimate villain.

1 Vontaze Burfict

2 Tom Brady

3 Adam “PacMan” Jones

4 Terrell Suggs

5 Ndamukong Suh

6 Joe Flacco

7 Rob Gronkowski

8 Aqib Talib

9 Jeremy Hill

10 Richard Sherman

11 Colin Kaepernick

12 Dre Kirkpatrick

13 Julian Edelman

14 Mike Wallace

15 Travis Kelce

16 ???????????

Thanks in advance and have fun. Remember, this time around, it’s OK to hate the player and not the game.